Tuesday, October 28, 2008

miss that gratify and need some kinetic energy!

I want to put all of my pain in a chest of drawers
and we could take it out by the lake to empty ashore.
Or we could sell it at an antique auction or some other place
that has a bigger type of market for those kind of things.
You could buy me something in exchange.
It's hardly fair but that's the price you pay.
Or you could buy me something hard to drink
cause you know me...
And you know that I've got problems,and you know that drinks wont solve them.
Everybody knows that we've got problems in our room...
maybe we should move.

I tried to put all of my faith in the hands of a man.
And when he failed me I cried out what gives with my plans?
It's always my plans.
When I said that it's all your fault,it's funny I should place the fault at all.
It seems to me the fault is in our drinks
and the way I think...

When I know that you've got problems,and I know that I can't solve them.
Everybody knows that we've got problems of our own...
we should let it go.

For every lie I told,
the promises you made and broke...
We laugh it off, and we let it go.

The Lord has my our separate parts and joined them with forgiving hearts
We laugh it off, and we let it go.
Forgive it all,

good day

this Good Day...
morning sun and morning glories...
let's walk and go get some pictures with me!

walk around by mickalomaniac
my latest polyvore

Nude things!

what a crazy concept! nice try uhhmm....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging corner

in a brown wooden workbench with too many rubbish and kinda two-bit gadget. He in a black tuxedo trying to match leopard print in his tabletop.

ssshhh.... not so perfect illustration to describe my boring remover corner or my daily activities spot.

Semarak Tengkorak

Bikin Ruang Proudly Presents:
An Artshow by: Sunya-Raw - Painsugar - Arian13
Bikin Ruang
Jl.Benda 89, Kemang
Jakarta Selatan
Ph.: 021 7815114, 085921632868
email: bikinkontak@gmail.com

Merchandise, limited prints, & artworks are sold in venue.
It's Halloween, so there's gonna be a mask & costume party too!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Coming Soon : The Vogue.com

Agy for POP

agyness deyn free-falling-five-stories-naked-onto-a-crashmat photos. they have surfaced, and are in POP mag fall 2008. as obnoxious as she is, these photos are quite eyecatching. in some, she looks like shes magically floating, in others, the moments of falling are captured in a way that is just plain striking.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

another sunday!

Sunday is a freedom...
Sing along as the choir sways in the morning at the church..
Every verse of Amazin' Grace, And then i shake the Preacher's hand.
Go home, into my blue jeans,
Have some lunch and ready to go somewhere..
and finally i choose to go to Aksara with my dear and his sister.

on the way captured. dear,novita,me

Read, read, and read!

he's looking for Q magazine, to see about the return of OASIS

who's that boy by the way.. liam or iggy?

definitely not the library pose!

then we decide to watch wstcc mini concert inside aksara's cafe.

That's what I love about Sunday.