Thursday, April 10, 2008

yeaaahh... flannelette everyone! i got these picture below from the others blog... and they loved to wear flannel...

and, so lucky i am...
i found this flannel shirt at Pasar Senen.. yiiihaaa!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

trend alert : NU RAVE

i like that nu rave fashion is very stand-out-ish, people seem to be having fun with their clothing again.......
i think that i would dress nu rave. it doesn't bother me to wear neon at's something different and exciting...

nu rave must haves:
neon sunglasses
colored skinny jeans
multi-colored high top sneakers

printed hoodie

bright tee

metallic leggings
funky hairdo

and the last but not least! listen to their music..

today is a big day!

unexpected anniversary... hahaha..
currently, i feel so glad and happy...
happy lansmiks day everyone!