Friday, February 20, 2009

'Two Suns' the new album

The new Bat For Lashes album ‘Two Suns’ will be released on the 6th of April 2009.
the incredible new hit single is 'Daniel'.
Two Suns tracklisting:
1. Glass
2. Sleep Alone

3. Moon and Moon

4. Daniel

5. Peace of Mind

6. Siren Song

7. Pearl’s Dream

8. Good Love

9. Two Planets

10. Travelling Woman

11. The Big Sleep
Here is an exclusive look at the front cover of the album ‘Two Suns’.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

conffesion of the day

i mention all the followers outside there as a fookin phony.
because they did a plagiarizing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

me the black koala

my personality according to DOUBUTSU URANAI
here they are....

You are Black Koala who has purity and sweetness of a girl.
And no matter how old you get, you can stay youthful.
Your attitude is very straight forward and bald.
You have quick mind, and a sharp instinct to read the other person's mind.
You are an active woman.
Nevertheless, you also possess a motherly character.
You are kind and can show consideration to others.
You tend to be rather argumentative, and will not accept something that is unreasonable.
It takes time to gain your consent.
You are independent, and has a challenging spirit to achieve your objectives and ideals.
Once you start on something, you will not give up half way, or show weakness.
You know how to get on in life, and are a calculative woman.
Economic wise, you've got your feet steadily on the ground.
You are rather suspicious type of person.
You don't tend to take every word of other person straightly.
You try to read behind the lines, very carefully.
You tend to get lost in your thought.
You think high of sports and training.
Nevertheless, you also think a lot about art, and are a romantic sort of person.
Even after you get married, you can be successful as a professional.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vote for Ladyhawke

The nominees for Shockwaves NME Awards 2009 have been announced and Ladyhawke has been nominated in the Best Solo Artist category!

Voting has started already so get over to the NME's website and vote for Ladyhawke! She's up against awesome musicians like Jay-Z and Lightspeed Champion so...

Vote.. for her!

To vote pick your preferred nominee in each category and click on their picture, make it through all 25 categories to make your votes count.

Be sure to head over to and cast your vote
for Ladyhawke as Best Solo Artist of 2009!